LOS ANGELES, CA / January 11, 2024/ — Buckle up, cinephiles and Cannabis connoisseurs alike, because The Phone Up Studios is about to take you on a high-flying cinematic adventure with “Smoke Out: The Movie”. Hitting big screens in 2024, this unique film, directed by the powerhouse trio of Reggie Hall, David Lipkind, and Terry Needham, dives headfirst into the vibrant world of marijuana culture.

Get ready to step into Dizzle’s Snack Shack, a beloved community hub and the beating heart of “Smoke Out.” This ain’t your average greasy spoon, though. Dizzle’s is where friends gather, deals go down, and the air crackles with the sweet aroma of potent buds. But when logistics driver Naj introduces a game-changing new strain to the city, things get seriously hazy.

Enter K.P., a tech whiz whose Jazz app adds a dash of digital intrigue to the mix. Now, Utah’s finest strains are just a tap away for discerning smokers. But amidst the euphoria, trouble brews. Detective Simpson enters the scene, hot on the trail of strains and determined to shut down the operation. However, as the plot thickens, lines blur and everything in between.

In “Smoke Out: The Movie” the star-studded cast includes Steven C. Chapman, Brian Bell, and Martin Crowther, known for their notable roles in entertainment.

Produced by Ross Venokur, Terry Cole, Ron Isaak, Nikolas Korda, Michael Murray, and The Phone Up Studios CEO, Felipe Vasquez, “Smoke Out: The Movie” promises to be more than a healthy dose of humor and heart.

Get ready to spark up your anticipation, because “Smoke Out: The Movie” is coming soon. Prepare for laughs, thrills, and a fresh take on the world of marijuana culture that will leave you wanting more

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