You don't need a suit to become successful
Felipe Vasquez


Felipe VasquezChief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder at The Phone Up Studios Inc, Mr. Felipe Vasquez is an experienced teenaged entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in the music industry, Felipe says "Music is a passion, and I'd Personally like to keep it that way! not just for me, but for society" 

Mr. Felipe Vasquez currently resides in Snyder TX (born in Lubbock TX) - Mr F. Vasquez, attended Snyder Junior High School in Snyder TX for 2 Years, Now Mr. Vasquez currently attends Laurel Springs School with the studies of General middle school, Entrepreneurship Skills, & Web Development and Coding. Mr F. Vasquez also currently attends an internship at Texas Tech University for the studies of Business & Administration.  

Felipe Vasquez, (CEO) had established a multi-million dollar company named "The Phone Up Studios Inc" in 2017, according to business records, the corporation currently holds over 140,000 employees in all fifty states, in the U.S - Mr.Vasquez a talented teenaged experienced Entrepreneur owning multiple businesses in the years of 2018-2022, Including "Baby's&More LLC, & Phill's Merchandise LLC"