The Phone-Up Studios Inc - Multi-million dollar company operated by a Middle School Student

Felipe Vasquez, a local teenager was recently recognized for owning and operating a multi-million dollar corporation

Snyder, TX -  Jan 8, 2023 (  -

 Felipe Vasquez, a local teenage boy who resides in Snyder TX, has been recognized by Entrepreneur Media Inc, As one of Texas's Youngest Teen Entrepreneurs in 2023

Mr. Felipe Vasquez established a multi-million dollar corporation, named "The Phone Up Studios Inc" at the age of 13, with over 65,000 employees according to records in January 2023. This bright young man has owned other businesses in the past as well, such as Baby's More LLC, and Phill's Merchandise LLC, they weren't as successful but his most successful launch was: The Phone Up Studios Inc.

Mr. Vasquez currently holds the role of CEO/FOUNDER/OWNER at The Phone Up Studios Inc.

"Mr. Vasquez said, You don't need a suit to become successful”, The Phone-Up Studios Inc® is a Retail Franchise integrated with a Record Label

Felipe told reporters, "Chase the vision, not the money; the money will end up following you in return, Music was the best career that The Phone Up Studios has ever chosen!



Date 1/16/2023

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